Commercial Advisory

Our expertise also extends to offering advisory services on commercial transactions, Contracts, Venture Funding and Private Equity.

We assist our Clients in the purchase and sale of real estate, and the completion of Land Registration applications.

We have advised various companies on commercial transactions valued at hundreds of millions of Naira.

We have also been involved in setting up new ventures across Africa, as well as advising on Labour Laws, company structures and Investor issues.

Intellectual Property

Olympus LP is a registered Intellectual Property Agent and a member of various IP organisations.

We offer advisory services to the creative, entertainment, IT and other industries who invest themselves in development of ideas and designs and desire to protect their innovations.

We assist in registering and filing the requisite applications to ensure that your creations and innovations are protected from those who would use it against your will.

We also assist our Clients in the enforcement/protection of their Intellectual Property.



To thrive in the highly competitive e-commerce market requires legal services that integrate expertise and knowledge of e-commerce laws and operations.

Olympus LP remains one of the very few law firms that understands the operations and activities of e-commerce ventures, including but not limited to the fulfillment processes and Inventory systems, and is able to advise on the best type of agreements with your Vendors, whether under marketplace, consignment or outright arrangements, as they case may be.

Regulatory Services

Our expertise in government regulatory matters cuts across all the tiers of government in Nigeria.

We have been involved in the negotiations and discussions necessary for the obtaining of permits, licenses and other regulatory approvals on behalf of our Clients’.

We have performed nationwide audits of our Clients’ compliance statuses and advised accordingly.

Our good standing with several government agencies, in more than 29 states in Nigeria, make it easy to quickly step in on behalf of our Clients, to handle situations involving regulatory compliance issues.

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Olympus LP has assisted our business growth in several ways, but utmost commendation must go to the indepth knowledge of ecommerce that they displayed whilst advising us on various legal issues. They guided us in our investor relations and were consistently supportive with their legal advice, offering step by step guide for navigating regulatory pitfalls, as we set-up of our startup.

Raymond Umeh